Our Process

Our Process


Our leather accessories are the result of careful planning and consideration. Each accessory is hand carved from the finest hides.The weight of the leather, it’s temper, and the associated tanning process are all factored into the overall design of our accessories.


Cut, sand, burnish, skive, repeat. These are the elemental steps of our leather crafting process. These four steps are repeated several times throughout the crafting process.


The steps involved in the assembly of our leather accessories are critical. Great attention and care is given throughout this entire process,to ensure that the various piece lineup properly. To maintain this alignment, and to provide structural integrity, we employ the use of strong
bonding adhesives.


Before a single stitch is sewn, individual stitch holes are punched through the leather. We take great pride in our needle work, as all of our products are hand stitched. As part of our process, we utilize the saddle stitch, a method that is far superior to conventional machine stitching. The entire stitching process acts as a structural reinforcer that ties everything together. But there’s more. Each accessory serves as canvas; and upon this canvas, a colour palette of threads are matched. The end result is an accessory comprised of a symphonic medley of colours that are guaranteed to inspire and tickle the senses.

Edge Finishing

Edge finishing is a very labour intensive process; however, the end result, is extremely rewarding. In this step we revisit the routine of sanding, burnishing, and skiving. This time however, the process of painting and and waxing are added to the mix. These steps are critical as they provide a protective seal and finish to the overall piece.


Prior to shipping, all of our products are wiped down to remove any residue. Each product is then shined, buffed and polished. Finally, a protective conditioner is applied to help preserve and lock in the leather’s natural finish.


The last and final step is packing. All of our accessories are shipped in a custom fitted box. Included in this box is a description card that provides details about your new accessory. – Enjoy!